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Pest Control Services Company built up in 1999, has throughout the years made a name among its customers and rivals. Identified with the field since 1992, Pest Control India offer quality types of assistance in the field of General Pest Control, Rodent Control, Termite Control, Mosquito Control, House fly, Fumigation with Aluminum Phosphide and Methyl Bromide, Container Fumigation, IPPC Certification of Weed Control and host other associated potential zones.

Pest control services in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India to offer four orders of Pest Control in particular regular Pest Control, Electronics Pest Control, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and Herbal Pest Control. We an inventive and serious endeavor at Pest Control Services India, oblige the necessities of regulatory, modern, family foundations and corporate division.

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Various PCS Products

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is the strategy where heating and cooling of metals is utilized to adjust their mechanical and physical properties without changing the state of the item. Now and then it is done accidentally because of assembling forms that can cool or warmth the metal, for example, welding or shaping. It is accustomed to expanding the quality of material, yet it can likewise be utilized to modify certain manufacturability goals, for example, improve machining, improve formability, reestablish malleability after a virus working activity. In this manner, it is a standout amongst another assembling process that can improve the presentation of an item just as help another assembling process by growing the quality or other alluring features. Steels are exceptionally worthy of heat treatment since they react well to warm treatment and the business use of steels surpasses other material.

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General Pest Control System

The General bug control is one of the main irritation control administrations. General vermin control and workers seek is to accomplish the pinnacle point in the business and keep up the moral models in the market. We adhere to all the principles and guidelines that apply for our business. We are experienced and offer great assistance by which our clients get the best nuisance control..

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Antitermite Treatment

These are solid markers that point towards just a single thing â€" termite pervasion. Termite pervasion is hard to recognize as they work from within to the outside. Termites need cellulose to endure and your assets like wood (your furnishings, boxes or even wooden deck, entryways and window casings) and paper are significantly in danger. Termites in reality live many feet underneath the ground (directly close to the establishment of your home or building). Termite pervasion isn't in quantities of tens or hundreds. There would be enormous states in thousands that you need to manage. They spread their wings in a matter of seconds eating into each edge of your home or office. Whenever ignored you may very well not have anything left in a couple of months time. Fluid medications are applied to the dirt to frame a continious substance obstruction in the dirt around the two sides of the establishment. This obstruction keeps termites from arriving at the establishment and, eventually, the wood in the structure. An appropriately done soil treatment is definitely not a one time application. It is done in stages composed with all structure exercises from establishment development through definite evaluating of the dirt around building outside. All together for the treatment to be viable the last period of the application is done after conclusive reviewing and in any event, finishing is finished with the goal that the treatment of soil isn't upset.

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Conventional Pest Control

Right now, have been utilized for improving natural quality.

Electronics Pest Control

Electronic nuisance control is the name given to the utilization of any of the few sorts of electrically controlled gadgets..

Integrated Pest Management

Coordinated nuisance the executives (IPM) is a framework that consolidates numerous techniques for managing vermin issues.

Herbal Pest Control

Home grown Pest Management is the most secure irritation control framework.

Thermo Green

It is the process in which heat energy is used to eliminator the Pests , without any Damages code effect to the Non torrent items.

ThermoGreen- S It is the statuary unit. state of Art first time in India . which can do beyond your imagination / exceptions , it is also approved by WTO as ISPM -15 treatment and compiled with NSPM-9

ThermoGreen - M It is an mobile unit used for industries,hotel , house were typical problem Persist and chemical have not an option.

DPC (Distance Pest Control)

DPC (Distance Pest Control):- At our R + D With the help of our founder sportier Dr. Ranbir sing taya and Dr. MUKESH GUPTA , We are developers new concept. DPC (DistancePest Control) inwhich the organic/ herbal andsafe chemical will be supply to the customer with application techniques. So that the Best quality can be deliveredto needed person, even in remote area and non-service area.

Electro Green

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Insects, Ticks, Silverfish, Cockroaches, Bees, Ants, Mice, Rats, Household irritations can be considerably more than an aggravation they can turn into a risk to your property and possibly your health. In fact, one family mouse can pollute multiple times more nourishment than it eats. That is the reason nuisance and bug control is so significant around your home. Find out how pest control services can help solve your pest problems now-and later on.


PCS Processes


Fumigation is finished with the assistance of Aluminum Phosphide and Methyl bromide. It is a strategy for bother control that totally fills a zone with vaporous pesticides—or fumigants—to suffocate or harm the bugs within. This procedure can be utilized to control bugs in structures (auxiliary fumigation), soil, grain, and produce, and is likewise utilized during the preparation of merchandise to be imported or sent out to forestall move of extraordinary creatures.


VIP Treatment is the unscented treatment of mosquitos and the various pests.This treatment has numerous points of interest, for example, it has no Odor and furthermore there is no compelling reason to clear the zone or even spread nourishment. You may remain at your home during the treatment and furthermore it has dependable impacts. It forestalls you structure all the problem and is sheltered.


Noticeable all around, rug, counter or cabinet, each home offers it's assets with these minor, frequently inconspicuous intruders. Pesticides are accessible for most regular family unit bug pests.We additionally have non-harmful ways for controling a wide range of nuisances.

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